Reseda luteola (weld) gives a good yellow.
Reseda luteola (weld) is easy to grow and gives a good yellow dye. Harvest the plant when it is in full flower. Except for the roots, the whole plant will be chopped and frozen until used.

I live in the city. My postage stamp sized yard is my house of worship, farmland, outdoor studio/lab, school, gym and general place of refuge. This piece of land provides me with many useful things and opportunities. Food, medicine, craft materials, lessons, exercise and a tangible connection to the greater environment are just a few of the gifts and blessings I receive from this small patch of land.
Making quilts led me to indigo dyeing. Indigo dyeing led me to begin using other natural colorants. At first, I acquired my dye stuff from commercial vendors. The plants that provided the natural dyes I bought grew somewhere and I began wondering if they would grow here. It was then I decided to try growing and using the rainbow of natural colors right here in my yard.
Despite the limitations of agricultural Zone 4, limited space and time, lack of knowledge, experience, resources and encouragement (why are you doing this?), I accomplished my goal. This tiny piece of earth continues to teach me about the possibilities of sustainably grown natural colors. Please allow me to share some of the things I have learned.

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